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Hungry Heart: The NYC Marathon

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The NYC Marathon

Jerry's first ING NYC Marathon was certainly a success.

He ran a 2:55:17!!!!

That is a 6:42 pace, and good for 711th place. Out of 46,795 finishers. That is the top 2%!

Here he is between miles 16-17, after just crossing the Queensboro bridge into Manhattan. 

He even managed a wave!

It was a gorgeous day for spectating, and we headed into Central Park to catch him at Mile 25.

Then we hurried across the park to the runners exit.
So proud!

I am truly amazed at my husband's accomplishment.
I'm inspired by his dedication and to running, and in awe of his talent.

And I'm sure he is already eying a 2:50 marathon in Boston next April.
Just as soon as he can feel his legs again :)

I'm hoping Jerry will share his thoughts on the marathon later this week!

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At November 8, 2011 at 7:39 AM , Blogger ridiculouslikethat said...

Kevbo's reaction to your breakdown of Jerry's stats- Holy shit, Jerry!

At November 8, 2011 at 8:29 AM , Blogger LaurenMcC said...

He really is amazing!

At November 8, 2011 at 9:32 AM , Blogger Kate said...

I bragged about him at work :) I know a semi elite runner! I also think speedfreak needs to be changed to superhuman speedfreak!

At November 8, 2011 at 9:37 AM , Blogger Suzanne said...

I second Kate's comment. All of it.

At November 8, 2011 at 5:17 PM , Blogger EHHMom said...

I am THAT bragging mother in law! It is truly a testament to his talent and dedication, love the experiences Jerry's running brings to me!!
ps could he please rest those legs!?


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