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Hungry Heart: May 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fed by Mom

I've been pretty lazy about grocery shopping lately.

I never manage to get there on the weekend. And then the thought of stopping after work just sounds exhausting.
I even made a meal plan and a list last week, but our fridge has nothing to show for it.

Good thing we have been fed by others this week. 

Jerry planted my Mom a vegetable garden in the blistering heat on Monday.




Lunch break

I am totally jealous of the garden. Lots of tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and herbs.

Mom sent us home with dinner to put on the grill.
Chicken for her, steak for him.

She also fed us dinner on Tuesday night. (Awesome BLTs that I was too lazy to photograph).

Wednesday night's dinner was courtesy of Jerry's Mom, who sent us home with sauce on Sunday.

I pretended the peppers were a serving of vegetables. Pathetic.

In an attempt to be productive, I decided to pack for the hospital last night.
No, not a bag of things I will need.

But cookies I could put in the freezer and then grab when we head to the hospital.

Oatmeal Almond Joy Bars (in cookie form)

I hear it is smart to snack during labor, to keep your energy up.
Who needs a change of underwear when you have cookies?
I have priorities, people.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby T: Week 35

5 weeks to go!

35 weeks
The belly definitely sticks way out there.

30 weeks
Baby T:
Her lungs and kidneys can function normally now, and she basically is just adding on some weight. In the 30 week picture they estimated she weighed 3.5 pounds. That means this week she would weigh almost 6 pounds!
We now go for weekly doctor's appointments. Yesterday, Dr B confirmed that she is still in the same position. Butt low on the left, back up my left side, head on the right. She is sorta half breech, half transverse. He went over a few scenarios about what will happen if she stays this way. I'm trying not to worry about it for at least a couple more weeks. (That's a total lie, its pretty much all I talk about).
In the meantime, Baby T continues to have hiccups every day. This has been a common occurrence, except now she seems to get annoyed when she has them! She wiggles and punches and kicks until they go away. Poor little girl!

I am feeling a little less exhausted and achy than last week.
My heartburn has been almost completely gone, and that is why I think I weighed 5 pounds heavier at my appointment yesterday. I am up 27 pounds.
No heartburn = shoving food into my mouth 24/7
I'm ok as long as I go back to gaining one pound per week. 
The heat hasn't bothered me too much, but I am having a little more trouble getting comfortable when I sleep. 
On my to do list this week is to buy a few more maternity clothes. Old ones are getting tight and shirts are getting shorter!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Start of Summer

It sure feels like summer outside!

We have had a busy weekend so far. But I have managed to power through, after getting a solid 10 hours of sleep on Friday night.
Which is good, because Jerry and I are trying to cram a few last summer-y activities before the baby comes.

Saturday we went to Dinosaur BBQ and a Syracuse Chiefs game with our friends Kevin and Sara, and Kate and Brian.
(Check out the pic!)

Sunday was spent gardening and sitting in the sun with Nick and Melissa at their camp in Old Forge, NY.
While I didn't take many photos this weekend, of course I got an adorable one of Miss Josie J in her bathing suit.

After a quick stop at the grocery store Jerry and I threw together this delicious dinner last night.

A taco with leftover salmon (Friday take-out from Symeon's).

With homemade avocado cream and salsa.

avocado, lime juice, garlic, Greek yogurt

tomatoes, black beans, corn, red onion, parsley, garlic, jalapeno, lime juice

And since my body felt like waking at 5:30 this morning, I have already eaten a healthy local breakfast.

Heidelberg sunflower raisin bread with sunflower seed butter, and a cup of plain Chobani with blueberries.

Jerry and I are off to my parent's house today to start working on their housewarming gift, a vegetable garden!

Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Dinner Hash

I'm so glad it is Friday.
And so glad it is a long weekend! 
I have been hoarding my sick/vacation time at work to use on maternity leave, and I am looking forward to a day off.

I satisfied my breakfast-for-dinner craving this week.
It was (almost) as good as I could have hoped.

The hash included potatoes, onion, garlic, and carrots.
I put the onions, carrots, and garlic in a pan to saute.
I peeled and chopped the potatoes, and boiled them for about 7 minutes, until they were a little soft.
Then everything went into the pan together, with a little canola oil, butter, and paprika.

This cooked on Med/Hi for about 10-15 minutes. I stirred it around every few to prevent burning.

Some spinach got steamed on the side, and then we cooked our eggs to go over top.

I added a puddle of ketchup, of course.

There are two things that would have made this ever-so-slightly better:
A nice runny egg.
And crispier potatoes.

As I was cooking the hash, I realized this would have been much better accomplished in our cast iron skillet.
Cast iron = crispy potatoes!
That just means I will have to make this again.

Jerry won't complain, he liked this so much he said he wished he could order it in a diner.
Hearing that made me almost as happy as folding these:

Is there anythig cuter than a pile of newborn onesies?!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I forgot an important birthday this week.

Happy Blog Birthday to Hungry Heart!
I wrote my first posts this week last year. I can't believe this has been that long.
Thanks everyone, for following me this year on the blog!

Onto a lovely walk before some heavy rain rolled in last night.

My back has been bothering me and I thought maybe a leisurely stroll might help.

It didn't. Thank goodness I am headed to the chiropractor this morning. I'm looking forward to weekly appointments until Baby T comes.

For dinner I made some risotto. I have been craving asparagus, so why not hide it in something creamy and cheesy?
Standing in front of the stove for 45 minutes stirring this was probably not the best idea for my back, but it came out pretty tasty.

It also came out orange.

I blame the Trader Joe's vegetable broth I used. It was very orange and tasted strongly of carrot and tomato. Not my favorite.
But the risotto came out good, especially with some sweet little bay scallops floating around in there. And a splash of dry Rose that I stole a few sips of.
And plenty of  extra pecorino cheese!

We picked up some amazing looking farm fresh eggs from my sister in law Sara this weekend.
I'm thinking some sort of breakfast for dinner tonight. Maybe some sort of hash?

I can't get the thought of crispy potatoes with a side of kethcup out of my head....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby T: Week 34

6 more weeks!

34 Weeks

Definitely bigger than 6 weeks ago:

Baby T:
Is 18 inches and about 5 pounds. She will only grow a few more inches in the next 6 weeks, and will basically just continue to put on fat and develop her lungs.
I still feel lots of punches and/or kicks on my right side, so I am not sure if she has moved.  There is definitely something large and hard on my left side (her back?), but not sure where her head is anymore. I thought it would be easier to figure out where a foot and a half of baby is hiding in there!

Where are you?!
I continue to get more uncomfortable. I feel like I am doing things in slow motion now. Just watching Jerry run for a few hours on Sunday left me exhausted.
But on the bright side, my new heartburn medicine has been amazing. Heartburn free for 5 days! I'm shoving food in my mouth like it is my job! My scale at home says I am up 25 pounds.
I went to my first pre-natal yoga class on Friday. I really enjoyed it. It focused on relaxation techniques, breathing, and increasing awareness of your body. It included lots of hip stretching as well. I left class feeling pretty energized for a Friday afternoon. It is definitely something I will continue to do once a week until Baby T arrives.

Jerry and I are 99% sure we have Baby T's name picked out. We are going to wait to share it until she is born.
But I have spent an absurd amount of time on Etsy looking for letters to hang on the nursery wall. That is a dangerous place to shop for babies. So many cute things!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Fun

What a gorgeous weekend!
Ours was pretty packed, too.
Yoga, grocery shopping, meeting with a day care provider, a BBQ, a half marathon, a family party, a nap, and some ice cream.

Although some of us did get to sleep in on Saturday. Just not me or Jerry.

Sadie slept until 10 on Saturday. In our bed.

Apparently she wasn't ready for photos quite yet...

The rest of the weekend flew by!
A BBQ on Saturday with the Charles family.

We had grilled chicken, pizza, and corn.
Carter chilled in the Rock n Play while we ate.

Such a cutie!
Jerry ran a half marathon on Sunday.

And so did his cousin, Katie.

It was a HOT morning for a run, but they rocked it!

Then is it was off to a Tylutki family picnic to celebrate my nephew Jonas' First Communion.
What a gorgeous day!

My niece, Cici!

Getting Babci a beer!
Plenty of horseplay in the yard.
Including wheel barrow races!

And brothers enjoying  some burgers and beer.

After the festivities Jerry and I both crashed hard, and napped for 2 hours.
Then woke up, visited my parents for a few minutes, and went out for ice cream (aka, dinner).

Whew, I am exhausted this morning!
I feel like I ran 13.1 miles on Sunday. I think I may have to start cutting out a few activities on the weekends.
Gotta get some rest while I can!

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Bunny Hole

Has this week felt really long to anyone else?
I blame it mostly on the fact that I spent most of Wednesday thinking it was Thursday.
And that when I woke up for my 4am bathroom break, I was convinced today was Saturday.

It doesn't help that most of my meals have been interchangeable this week.
I've rotated between stuffed shells, salads, and bean and cheese quesadillas for both lunch and dinner all week.

I have also managed to cut my ice cream down to once this week.
Mostly because we are out of ice cream....

Sadie has spent the past 24 hours looking for this:

She is has been a sniffing machine ever since.

She is pretty sure it entered through this hole in the fence.

But she remains vigilant.

Happy Friday!